Jul 30, 2015

"This Is My Ninjit-Suit"

I took the kids to see the TMNT movie in the park downtown last Friday.  To the disappointment of the people in the lawn chairs behind us, Jack rolled, kicked, ran and did somersaults for 90 minutes. I'm not even sure he actually saw any of the movie.

Jul 26, 2015

Thick Days

These are the thick days of mid July filled with humid sunscreen and stinging bug spray.  Every cool pool of water has tiny feet begging to sneak in, though the well worn swim suits, sun faded, stretched from chlorine and slightly grayed on the underside from lake mud are at home on the floor of the front hallway.  Left over fireworks and grilled beer soaked meats waft through the neighborhood replacing the tiger lilies and lilacs sweet redolence. There is barely time for the free waterpark ticket, the theme park coupon, the ten hour air conditioned sleep and the last canoe trip.  Back to school supplies loom in frigid grocery store aisles.

Jun 22, 2015

Link Storm Saturday

Saturday morning, it was overcast and beautiful for sitting at Sinnissippi Rose Gardens to paint watercolor roses with 317 Studio & Gallery.  When the air is thick and humid you can push paint around for a long time before it dries on your paper, it's perfect.  After class I meandered down to Rockford Vintage Market where we sat down over Vintage 501's hand cut french fries and heard Swingbilly RFD playing an earnest rendition of Folsom Prison Blues before stopping by Toad Hall's booth and picking up some superman comics for the kid and a Rockford Cabinet Company T-shirt from Bygone Brand's Booth.  Then we made a run for it through the light rain to the car and over to the Bee's Knees General StoreYolo's Cupcake Shop, Salvanged by Sonya's & RAD. I ended up my day of local fun at Culture Shock looking to hear King of the Demons play some all ages goodness.

Jun 19, 2015

The Best Iced Cream I've Made Yet

Whipped Cream
Coco powder
Powdered Sugar
Brown sugar